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TrekinU is a new Web 2.0 service to discover, relive and share travel experiences.

TrekinU is currently seeking unique and exclusive photologs from around the globe, to serve as a reference for travelers. Each Trek should provide a good overview of the region, featuring well known and popular destinations.

The Treks should comprise 35 – 60 high resolution images, placed on a map, with a natural progression between images. The treks can include both nature hikes and urban tours. Please include location or geotagging information wherever possible. The TrekinU team will assist in placing images correctly on the map. TrekinU will display the images in 400X300 pixels with full credit given to the content owner.

Once approved by TrekinU the content will be displayed in TrekInU’s custom-built player, and can be combined with music to capture and reproduce the travel experience.

In order to submit your content for inclusion, please contact us

The most viewed Trek in TrekinU's Favorites section on 31.12.2009 will win a prize of $500.